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How does college recruiting work? Let us provide you the way.

We provide a 45-minute complimentary (free) telephone or zoom conversation with the student-athlete and his/her family to provide the information to understand the recruiting process including:

  • The four requirements necessary to be a recruited athlete.

  • The 5 steps of the recruiting process.

  • The athletic scholarships available for their sport.

  • The NCAA regulations including the timing when coaches can contact athletes.


Qualifications to be consider

  • GPA over 3.0

  • Open to all college levels.

  • Wanting a honest evaluation.

  • Understand that everyone will go PRO in something other than a sport.


If you meet the qualifications above, request a free Recruiting Overview below.

After the initial phone conversation, if you desire additional support, we can assist through the Honor Roll Plan.

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