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High School Football
Combine Testing Standards

Unlock Your Athletic Potential: Mastering Speed and Agility for High School Athletes


In the competitive world of college sports, speed is a game-changer. As a high school athlete, honing your speed and agility can significantly enhance your chances of catching the eye of college coaches. The off-season is your golden opportunity to elevate your game, and focusing on speed should be your top priority.


Why Speed Matters

College coaches are constantly on the lookout for athletes who can outpace the competition. Speed and agility are not just skills; they are assets that can make a significant difference in your performance on the field. Investing in improving your speed can be the key to unlocking your full athletic potential.

These drills evaluate your strength, explosiveness, agility, and overall athleticism. To stand out on the field, mastering these drills is a must. Let's dive into the essential combine testing drills that can make or break your performance at college football camps.

1. Vertical Jump
The vertical jump measures your leg strength and lower-body explosiveness. A higher jump indicates superior power and agility, traits highly valued by college coaches. Practice explosive leg movements to soar above the competition.

2. Broad Jump
The broad jump assesses your explosiveness and agility, revealing your ability to cover ground quickly. A strong broad jump showcases your ability to move swiftly and powerfully, demonstrating your agility and speed to college scouts.


3. 40-Yard Dash
Your 40-yard dash time reflects your explosiveness off the line and your ability to maintain speed. A quick start and consistent pace are vital. Coaches assess how rapidly you accelerate and how well you sustain your speed. Train for explosive starts and seamless transitions to maximize your performance.


4. 20-Yard Shuttle
The 20-yard shuttle measures your explosiveness, bending ability, change of direction, and body control. A low time indicates your efficiency in shifting directions, a crucial skill in football. Work on your lateral movement, agility, and balance to ace this drill.


5. 3-Cone Drill
Efficiency in changing direction is the focus of the 3-cone drill. It evaluates your explosiveness, balance, body control, and mobility while moving left and right. Mastering this drill showcases your versatility and ability to swiftly navigate the field, making you a standout player.


College football camps provide a platform to showcase your skills and catch the attention of recruiters. By mastering these combine testing drills, you're not just proving your athleticism; you're demonstrating your commitment to excellence. Train diligently, focus on your technique, and embrace the challenge. Your performance in these drills can be the game-changer that propels you toward a successful collegiate football career. Seize the opportunity, give it your all, and show the world what you're made of. Success awaits those who are willing to push their limits and excel in every aspect of the game.

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