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Leading Prep Schools For Post Graduates

Several schools in the country offer high school graduates an opportunity for an additional semester or year for preparation in academics and athletics between high school and college.
Prep school provides players an extra year to mature physically, emotionally, and academically. It also allows time to improve standardized test scores, get academically qualified, and learn English (for international students).
The main difference between high school and prep school is that it has dormitories that students live in, similar to a college.  Prep schools offer the same classes as a normal private or public school.  Additional differences are:
  • The student body will consist of students from around the US and globe,
  • Smaller student to teacher ratio. 
  • The athletics can be more competitive and there will be numerous extra-curricular activities to experience. 
  • Prep schools also charge tuition to attend, but with this comes a long history of good academics and placement into colleges around the United States. 

Prep schools are set up to help their athletes obtain exposure to college coaches. These schools have success in placing their athletes at the next level. Most of the prep schools are located in the Northeast but more are popping up in the Midwest. 


Attending a prep school does not reduce your eligibility. It’s treated as a non-college year. Acceptance can be limited. Contact the below recommended prep schools for more information..

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