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East Coast Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I attend THE EAST COAST TOUR?

A1. It’s our mission as an organization to provide student-athletes the opportunity to meet America’s top academic institutions. Here is what the trip will provide;

  • Small Group

  • Face to Face meeting with the coaching staff.

  • First Hand Recruiting advice from MWAA Staff, College coaches and current student athletes.

  • It's less expensive if you did the tour on your own. 


Q2.  Which colleges are listed on your tour?

A2.  We have tentatively scheduled to tour Boston College, Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard and Holy Cross.  

Q3. Do I have to visit all the colleges?

A3. No,  you can visit the schools you want.  

Q4. Can my son travel by himself? 

A4. Yes, all we need is a waiver signed by the parent or guardian. 

Q5. How are refunds or cancellations handled?

A5. Cancellations must be done by email only.  Cancellation emails must be received within 14 days prior to the tour date. If a cancellation occurs after the deadline date, no refund will be made. Refunds are given back if you provide notice prior to the deadline date. We will charge a $5 processing fee. 

Q7. Who can attend?

A7. This is limited to the graduating class of 2021 & 2022.  

Q8. Do you offer recruiting services?

A8. We offer "FREE" guidance on the recruiting process as part of the trip.

Q9. Can we book our own hotel and car but travel with the group?

A9. Yes, however, the group is limited to 10 athletes. There is a $25 charge per campus visit. 

Q10. My question is not listed above, who can I contact?

A10. Contact Karl Taylor Director of Midwest Athletics at or 248-521-5893


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