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FACTS: 99% of college athletes will go Pro in something other than a sport. 

If you have the grades, why not attend the best university in the nation? 

Remember this; 

4 yrs of College – avg. age at graduation is 22.

40+ yrs in the workforce - avg. retirement age 65.

Use the 4 yrs in college to setup the next 40 yrs.  (40/4)

Midwest Athletics Academy is the premier advisory group for college athletic recruiting.

Our goal is to;

  • Increase parents and  student athletes knowledge on the recruiting process.

  • Increase their exposure to nation's top academic institutions. 


What makes Midwest Athletics Academy different? 

  • One of the few that have gone through the recruiting process with their own student athlete.

  • We work with Student Athletes with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

  • We provide "FREE" advice on the recruiting process.

  • Meet colleges that fit your educational goals. 

  • We know the requirements (academically and athletically) of each college.

Do you know where to being? Contact us for help or follow us on Twitter. 

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