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The Midwest Athletic Academy mission is to provide an opportunity for high school student-athletes exposure to the top college academic institutions.

The Midwest Athletics winter showcase "Academic Underclassmen" will provide recruiting education, evaluation and projected recruiting level. 



Founder & Director - Karl Taylor

Hillsdale College Alumni Board Member and Director, Karl Taylor understands the meaning of getting a great education and participating in an athletic sport.

Since graduating from Hillsdale College in 1993, Karl has helped connect student athletes with colleges, trainers, and recruiting services.  Karl is one of the few that had his son's go through the recruiting process. He knows what colleges are looking for in a student athlete. 

Athletic Directors, Football Coaches and colleges always want the best for their athlete. No one wants an athlete to waste their time and money on anything that won’t help them get to National Signing Day.

Contact: Karl Taylor


Tel: 248-521-5893

Jeremy Smith - Midwest Athletic Academy Showcase Coordinator

Jeremy Smith enters his 5th year as the Showcase Coordinator. Jeremy showcase coordination, organization and staff keeps Midwest Athletics Academy one of the top events the best in the Midwest. 

Additional Staff

Chris Huff and Team - Performance 80                        Devin Gardner - Young Go Getters                    

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James Madigan - 365 Football Clinics

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