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Dedicated to bringing

student athletes and colleges together. 

About us

Did you know every athlete will go Pro in something other than sports? So if you have the grades, why not attend the best college in the nation? 

No one wants family's to waste their time, energy and money on events that won’t help get to National Signing Day.

Midwest Athletics Academy & Events (MWA&E) aims at improving student athletes and parents knowledge on the recruiting process. Through our personal recruiting guidebook, to hosting or promoting events like "Midwest Academic Showcase",  East Coast Tours, or supporting college showcase like the "Hillsdale College Honor Roll Showcase".  

What makes Midwest Athletics Academy & Events different? 

  • We are one of the few that have gone through the recruiting process with our own student athlete.

  • We work with Student Athletes with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

  • Limited number of profiles accepted.

  •  We provide FREE advice on the recruiting process.

  • Meet colleges that fit your educational goals. 

  • We know the requirements (academically and athletically) of each college. 


A Native of Grand Rapids, Mi, Karl Taylor the Director of MWA&E understands the meaning of getting a great education and participating in college athletics.

Since graduating from Hillsdale College, Karl has connected student athletes with colleges, trainers, etc. These athletes are not succeeding in college and on the job. 

Karl's recent knowledge comes from his two sons. They were recruited by the top academic colleges in the nation (From Ivy League, Patriot League and Military Academies)

While on the recruiting trail with his son's, Karl established relations with these coaches to understand, their admission and athletic requirements. With this knowledge, he's passing on this information, so you don't waste your time.

Athletic Directors, High School and colleges coaches have said "We need more outfits like Midwest Athletics. Karl cares about the student athlete and always wants the best for their athlete." 

Contact: Karl Taylor


Tel: 248-521-5893

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